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The Medical Institute for Wellness provides comprehensive medical treatment to adults of all ages and varying backgrounds. Our mission statement is based on the fundamental truth that we are triune beings composed of body, mind, and spirit. These three aspects are closely interconnected, and when an individual is sick in one, it has significant ramifications on the other components. Therefore, we believe that in order to deliver exceptional quality healthcare, we must commit to treating all aspects of our patients. It is our sincerest desire that our patients enjoy their best life possible; one in which they are able to experience optimal health. This model of complete wellness constitutes significant achievement in every area of life through education, prevention, and mental, physical, and spiritual health promotion. Consequently, patients are provided with extensive learning opportunities through our patient centered education via video and written instruction, the wellness corner, and our health and fitness clinic. It is our vision and honor to be able to partner with you throughout your lifelong journey in the pursuit of happiness, health, and knowledge by providing you with the tools necessary to achieve complete wellness and freedom.

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