Health and Fitness Clinic

Dr. Raymond majored in Movement Science Bachelor and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Christian University in 2006. Her undergraduate work along with her experience as a former student athlete and current marathon runner, have made her well-versed in exercise prescription and nutrition counseling. Throughout her medical school training, Dr. Raymond realized that although most of the common health conditions that patients present with are heavily influenced by the patient’s diet and lifestyle habits, extensive nutrition and exercise education are largely missing from treatment protocols. Our clinic provides patients with the tools to effectively lose weight through initiation of an exercise program that works, counseling on the basics of healthy eating and lifelong maintenance, along with disease prevention and overall health enhancement.

Our clinic provides a 12 week program that includes:

  • Complete medical assessment including basic labs and screening for disease that may prevent healthy weight loss
  • Complete fitness evaluation including current nutritional status, body fat composition, and body measurement
  • Exercise prescription and coaching
  • Written curriculum with interactive education, healthy eating cookbook, nutrition 101, and meal planning
  • Frequent face-to-face check in with bi-weekly progress measurement
  • In-home assessment